How to earn a profit playing scratch cards

Being profitable at Scratch Games

Scratch card games have long been a source of entertainment in many homes, especially when there are enormous amounts of money to be won after scratching. While it’s true that players who win are lucky, nevertheless there are ways to improve the chances of winning. Achieving this requires applying some very simple yet highly effective tips.

Try out games in free mode before betting money

For players to really have luck on their side when playing scratch games, it’s important to properly select a site. The best advice is to favour platforms that offer totally free test versions. In fact, even if these different versions may not permit players to win real money, they’re still a great way to understand the principles behind each game. They’re also an excellent way to find out about different bonuses and other successful strategies.

Find the best time to play

Increased profitability when playing scratch games also means choosing the best time to play. Although it may not seem obvious, the choice of when to play can be a determining factor in a player’s chances of winning the game. As a matter of fact, the more players there are online, the fewer chances there are of being a winner at scratch games. As a result, it’s better to play during off-peak hours of the day. It goes without saying that trying your luck on weekends should be avoided. Instead choose times of the day when most people are having lunch or at snack time. It’s also wise to play late at night.

Opt for games that have the highest probabilities

Every scratch ticket game is different and offers various chances of winning. Therefore the first important step is to carefully choose a game. Doing some mathematical calculations remains the most effective way for players to determine their chances of winning. In that respect, there are two important facts that must be identified: the ratio between the total number of tickets and the total number of winning tickets, as well as the probability of winning based on the amount of money to be won.

With respect to the first point, it must be specified that the chances of winning a scratch ticket game are higher when there is a substantial number of winning tickets. In other words, it’s best to opt for games that have more winning tickets than losing tickets. In terms of the second point, it should be emphasized that the chances of winning are inherently linked to the amount of money available to be won. For a clearer idea, consider that statistical calculations have made it possible to conclude that each player has a 10% chance of winning the sum of five euros. This percentage is reduced by half if twice the latter sum, i.e. ten euros, is at stake to be won. Players are thus free to take on a risk that will vary depending on the amount of money that they seek to win. Always bear in mind, however, that every scratch game has its own features.

Make good use of any bonuses offered

Without a doubt, bonuses can increase a player’s profitability. They may be used to make bets during a game or alternatively they can be used for free plays that may earn them even more money. That’s all very exciting, nevertheless it’s important to be very discriminating in order to make the most of the benefits that betting sites offer. Among scratch ticket games there are three identifiable kinds of bonuses:

  • Registration bonuses: these are given to players immediately after they register on the scratch ticket game platform. In most cases, this bonus amounts to 100% of the player’s first deposit. In some very rare cases, certain registration bonuses may be even higher.
  • Exclusive no-deposit bonuses: these bonuses come in the form of funds granted exclusively to the player. They may use them to try out other scratch-off games or other gambling options. The benefit of bonuses like these is that they let players take a look around the gambling site without having to spend any of their own money.
  • Promotional offers: each site has its own set of terms for being eligible for their promotional offers. Quite often these deals are in the form of earnings multipliers or enhanced chances of winning.

The main rule to heed here for making scratch games more lucrative is to carefully read the eligibility terms for various bonuses. Players are always free to accept or reject them, but once a bonus has been earned then it should be invested.

Bet as much money as possible to win huge sums

Contrary to what most players may think, there really is a proportional relationship between the amount of money bet and the winnings earned. In fact, the more money punters bet, then the higher the probability of winning massive amounts in prizes. With a bit of luck a player could win an enormous sum just by betting 10 euros. They merely need to be able to find a multiplier combination of 10,000, for example.

Try out scratch game tournaments

Participating in scratch-off game tournaments is another exciting way of improving the chance of earning a return on investment. However, this tip is aimed exclusively at those players who have a spirit of competition. The first thing to note is that these tournaments allow players to compete against each other with the same amount of money in their respective coffers. Registration for this kind of tournament is completely free so players are basically trying to get an edge over each other with no guarantee of compensation. The rules of the game are simple: players must end the game with the biggest bankroll so that they can claim first place and therefore the opportunity to walk away with enormous winnings.

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