How to earn a profit by playing Blackjack

Being profitable at Blackjack

Gambling is not just a lot of fun, but it can also be very thrilling and rewarding. For example, a player doesn’t have to be a genius in order to fully enjoy a game of Blackjack. All that’s required is to be vigilant and to have an effective strategy. But which strategy should be used to increase a player’s profitability at the game ? For those who have yet to find one, keep reading this guide. For those who already have a strategy, this article will provide tips on increasing the chance of winning at Blackjack.

1- The basic Baldwin strategy

This strategy was established in the 1960s by an American mathematician named Baldwin. As the name suggests, this basic strategy must first be mastered before shifting into higher gear. Once it’s been fully understood, it can help to increase a user’s chances of winning by 2%. This basic strategy is founded on a scientific approach and a very thorough observation. Using this apprach allows a player to determine what they should do based on whichever of their cards or the dealer’s are visible. So players need to remember the following eight rules:

  • When you have cards between 17 and 21, don’t draw.
  • When you have cards from 12 to 16, don’t draw except for when the dealer has cards from 2 to 6.
  • When you have cards from 9 to 11, doubling is recommended provided that the dealer has cards from 2 to 6. If the opposite is true, then you should draw.
  • When you have two cards with a value of 8, you should split but only if the dealer has cards between 2 and 8.
  • When you have two cards with a value of 9, you should split them as long as the dealer has cards between 2 and 6.
  • When you have two cards with a total value of 10, splitting them is not advisable regardless of whatever cards the dealer holds.
  • When you have 2 aces, you should share them with the dealer if they have less than 6.
  • When the dealer has cards from 2 to 6, you should split the aces, 1,2, 3 and 4. You should also double two 5s, then rest on two 6s and two 7s.

2- The counting cards strategy

After mastering the basic Baldwin strategy, players should learn to count the cards. To do this requires understanding the concept of counting, knowing the value of the cards and determining the right time to bet.

The concept behind counting

First and foremost, it should be specified that counting cards won’t allow a player to win every time. It’ s really more of a technique that allows players to make an effective analysis in order to increase their chances of winning. So, to begin with, players will need to know how to demonstrate powers of concentration before applying the counting concept.

The underlying theory is simple ; just assign a value to each card and add them all together as the game goes on. The idea here is to determine, according to the value of the cards, whether a player should bet or not.

The card’s value

As explained, the counting cards strategy is essentially based on the value of the cards. The trick to mastering this step is to add « 1 » to all cards bearing the numbers 2,3,4,5 and 6. For those numbered 7,8 and 9, the valued added is « 0 ». For face cards, 10s and aces, deduct a value of « 1 » instead .

When is the best time to place a bet?

Once the value of the cards has been ascertained, it will then be time to determine if the cards a player holds are favourable for betting. Once again, the concept is very simple ; bets should only be made when the value of the cards is positive. If the total value is negative then player’s should refrain from wagering. Yet it is important for players to continue to pay attention in order not to make mistakes when counting the cards but at the same time, they must also act quickly.

3- The Martingale strategy

This equally effective strategy is strictly recommended only for players who have substantial capital to invest on a game of Blackjack. At the very least, punters should be ready to bet 500 euros if they wish to use the Martingale strategy because it requires taking on a great deal of risk. The concept is simple: just double the amount of a bet after each loss. Although this technique seems like something a gambling addict might do, it really is a profitable system. The only rule that should be followed is to stop after a win.

4- The shuffling the cards system

This strategy should only be used when shuffling the cards is done manually by the dealer. If that happens during a player’s Blackjack game, then they should start off by carefully observing the way the cards are arranged in the deck. It’s essential to pay attention to the approximate position of major cards. Then it’s a matter of waiting until the distribution reaches that part of the deck before pulling out all the stops. While this strategy may appear quite easy, it’s worth noting that players must demonstrate considerable concentration to really spot the different details.

Some additional tips for improving profitability at Blackjack

Although it’s impossible to win every game of Blackjack, there are certain tips which can increase the chances of victory. So in addition to implementing any of the strategies previously indicated, players need to verify the Blackjack rules before starting to play. In fact, there are many variations on the game and each of them have their own specific rules.

Additionally, always keep the house advantage in mind. The reason why all players don’t make a fortune playing Blackjack is due to the croupier’s advantage. So the most effect way to be profitable at Blackjack is to avoid playing for too long at the risk of going broke. Finally, players should also avoid using Blackjack insurance. This is an option that carries an enormous risk of financial loss.


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