How to make a profit by playing online Roulette?

Be profitable at online roulette

The primary goal of playing any game is to allow users to have fun. The game of roulette is just one of the entertaining choices that casinos have to offer. While it may be relaxing to spend a few hours playing the game, it’s also important for punters to actually win the games in order to collect bigger profits. The following article outlines some of the various tips for making roulette profitable.

Some myths to dispel about the game of roulette

There are many sites out there these days that claim to know the tricks that will help players to win at roulette. Naturally, some players may doubt that there actually is a strategy that will guarantee winning every round. Therefore it’s impossible to accurately predict the numbers that will land in successive games.

At the same time, it’s also important to point out that it is impossible to cheat to become profitable at roulette. This is because online platforms have high-level security systems. When a casino determines that a player has been cheating, they simply ban them from the establishment or, in extreme cases, may initiate legal proceedings against them.

The best strategies for winning

Only the luckiest of players are able to win at roulette. Nevertheless, it is still essential for players to have an aptitude for strategy to enhance their chances of winning. For example, it is crucial to choose the proper table, to set betting limits beforehand and to use many other tricks.

1- Choose the right version of roulette

Very few roulette players stop to consider this detail. In that respect, there are two reasons why the European version is much more profitable than the American version. The first one is based on the order of the numbers on the wheel. In fact the American version has two segments marked zero. This means that when players opt for the European version they have greater chances of winning since this wheel only has one slot marked zero. The second factor to take into account when making a decision is the game’s table limits. In this case limits refer to the minimum and maximum bets set by the roulette game provider.

2- Select an amount of money to bet

In the first place, it’s essential to find out the minimum and maximum betting amounts in a game of roulette. It is only then that players will be able to accurately determine the sum of money to wager on the game. There are two criteria that will influence this amount: the size of a player’s bankroll and the time allocated to playing the game.

On average, a roulette table spins 40 times every hour. If, for example, a player plans to spend 1 hour playing, then they must calculate an amount of money that will let them stay in the game until the end. Therefore, a player who has 100 euros in their bankroll must wager 2.5 euros on average for each round of the game.

3- Use the Martingale system

A majority of roulette players practice the Martingale system. However, it’s absolutely vital to have a substantial bankroll to be able to use this system. It’s based on a single concept: when a punter makes a bet, in the event of a loss, they must place the same wager again. Except in this case, they must double the amount of the bet. As a bit of advice, keep in mind that the Martingale system is effective when starting out with the minimum bet for the table. Moreover, it is important to know that some gambling halls may prohibit using this strategy when players begin making bets that are quite high during some rounds.

4- Try the James Bond strategy

This is another highly effective strategy for winning the game of roulette. The James Bond strategy is based on making a combination of bets that must be wagered on the same round. Therefore, using this system means that players must:

  • Place 10€ on the number 0;
  • Place 140 € on numbers between 19 and 36;
  • Place 50 € on numbers between 13 and 18.

What makes this strategy effective is that it those who use it have a high probability of winning, except if the ball lands on numbers 1 and 2.

5- Choose the best betting option

The first betting option that helps enhance profitability in gambling is to wager on outside bets. This refers to betting not on a number or combination of two numbers or on a square, but instead means wagering on a choice between red and black or on even and odd. However, it’s worth mentioning that the odds for outside bets at roulette are generally quite low.

What players need to do after winning

Poor management of their profits is another factor that prevents players from becoming profitable at gambling. Above all else players should try to avoid adding their winnings to their gambling bankroll. In other words, it is not advisable to bet using profits that have been earned from wagering. To prevent this from happening, players should stop playing roulette and go home after their bets have failed.


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