How to generate income by exchanging sports bets

Trade with Exchange Betting

These days, the world of sports betting is constantly evolving. Therefore, punters need to adopt strategies that reflect these changes. On that topic, betting exchange is a new subgenre of sports wagering that’s not only become very popular but it’s also a great way to earn more money. The following guide explains the different ways that players can use to boost their chances of winning by exchanging sports bets.

What’s involved in exchange betting?

First of all, exchange betting is a new style of sports betting. It’s an alternative way to bet that allows gamblers to take on the role of either the sports betting provider or the punter. In other words, in this form of wagering, the odds as well as the game amounts are set by punters and not a bookmaker. The betting exchange platform then serves as an intermediary between player-punters and sports betting provider players.

With respect to financial transactions made as part of Back and Lay sports betting, the site guarantees their security. Therefore players can cash out instantly whenever they want simply by using one of the payment methods accepted on the betting site.

Specialized players in the market:

Since access to market leaders such as Betfair or Matchbook is restricted, using a sports betting broker (intermediary) is recommended.


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How can betting exchange contribute to your success?

  1. If you’re a novice when it comes to sports betting, then you should immediately adopt exchange betting. And if you’re a seasoned sports bettor, here are four reasons why you should opt for this method of making predictions as a way of increasing your winnings. First of all, platforms who offer this kind of service have the best betting odds on the market. And this is completely understandable since the odds are set by the punters themselves.
  2. Incidentally, when you trade on a betting exchange site, you’re only charged a 5% commission on your winnings in the event of a victory. In the event that you lose your bet, then no commission is deducted at all. The benefit here is that betting exchange commissions are only half of what bookmakers charge. Therefore it’s safe to conclude that exchange betting is a very profitable system compared to regular sports betting sites.
  3. The third benefit of exchange betting is undoubtedly the opportunity to make « lay » bets. This option makes it possible to win money more easily than with bookmakers. For example, during a match that pits Switzerland against France, you’re no longer required to guess the exact probability. In other words, instead of betting on the best scorer, you can trade on a player that you deem incapable of being the top scorer. And that’s much easier compared to the betting options available with bookmakers!
  4. The last feature that makes exchange betting a must earning a profit on sports betting investments is that it’s impossible for your wager to be voided. On tipster platforms, bets are sometimes voided. With exchange betting, your bet either wins or loses. Bets are never voided. However that means that you should take great care in making the right decisions with this kind of prognosticating because going back is no longer possible!

Some advice for becoming profitable

To increase the chances of winning when it comes to making predictions on sporting events in the context of betting exchanges, the first thing required is to carefully choose a gambling platform. In fact, unlike regular bookmakers, the odds and bets are suggested by the bettors themselves. Therefore, it would be wiser to register on a platform that has a high number of users. In particular, this will provide more opportunities as well as greater gambling solvency.

Finally, it’s essential to have an aptitude for good analysis in order to make accurate decisions. With Back and Lay betting, it’s not possible to make combination bets. That means you must be sure of your prediction before placing your wagers. Additionally, avoid going « all in », even when you’re sure to win the bet. By doing this you not only risk losing your bankroll very quickly, but you also risk developing a gambling addiction.


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