How to earn a profit at playing craps

Winning at Craps

These days, online games offer many genuine opportunities for generating an income. However, it’s just as easy to win as it is to lose money when playing casino games. Many people who flock to casino halls have just one goal in mind: winning! The following article will clearly outline what it takes to be a winner at craps.

Make bets that have high profitability potential

Playing craps is an online casino game. Therefore it represents a risk especially since it requires a financial investment on the part of the bettor. However, players may still be able to significantly control this risk. To accomplish that, wagering on bets with high potential is a very effective strategy. Basically, this strategy involves meticulously choosing the kinds of craps bets in which it might be worthwhile investing. For that reason, it is important to focus on bets that have the lowest house advantage.


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In this lot, the “don’t pass” or the « pass line bet» options are displayed on an electronic board which offers players opportunities to win at craps. Keep in mind that the casino’s advantage on the “don’t pass” bet is 1.36%. This option allows players greater chances to walk away without having lost a fortune. It’s one of the more interesting bets that craps offers.

In addition to this gaming category that’s open to players, they can also choose from among “Proposition Bets”, “Big 6” as well as “Big 8” bets. However none of these options provide sufficient opportunities for punters to make a profit. That’s why it’s preferable not to focus too much on them. In fact they should be avoided when betting at craps.

Bet on the most lucrative variants

Paying close attention to the choice of variant is another strategy that can make craps more lucrative. To that end, it is advisable not to just stick with one version. Note that there are specific rules that may vary concerning pass line bets. Some scores may be ignored or even replayed. In general, there are a multitude of profitable variants. They can easily help players learn the basics or maybe bring some variety to their gambling.

It’s important to note that a change of rules also implies a change in a player’s percentages, which will undoubtedly improve their profitability. In short, it is important for players to choose the appropriate variant. In fact, it’s advisable to stick with the basic version of the game which has a house advantage of 1.14%. In addition, players may opt for “High Point craps” version which gives the house a 2.35% advantage. In any case, don’t be overly concerned about an increase in percentage in every version. For example, Crapless craps should be avoided even though the house advantage may be as low as 5.38%.

Roll the dice using the Sharpshooter technique

The Sharpshooter technique allows players to become better casino dice rollers. On that note, James Bond’s book “Get the Edge at Craps: How to control the Dice” explains how to roll the dice on a casino table. Using this method allows players to get results that are predetermined. Achieving this means that players must train extensively to acquire perfect control over every movement right to the nearest millimetre.

Train by playing free games

Practicing provides a chance to put theory to the test. With that in mind, there are free games available. Of course, they’re primarily intended for beginners at the game of craps, but it’s also a strategy that will allow any player to perfect their gaming skills. So players can train themselves at craps for free on dedicated sites. In that way, players can advance at their own pace until they’re sure of all the game’s rules. After acquiring a firm grasp of the rules of the game, players can then start to actually play with money. This will facilitate studying the game’s rules. In any case, a personal style at craps must be established before thinking about betting with real money at a casino.

Exercise good budget management

In order to achieve profitability at any kind of betting game, it’s important to know how to manage a budget. In reality, it’s advisable to have both feet planted firmly on the ground before making an investment of any amount on games of chance. In addition, it is preferable for players to wager the same amount at every game. Nevertheless, it should be understood that any sum of money that a player invests should ideally be one that they can afford to lose. Thus they’ll still be able to win even if they start out badly. Ideally it’s best to try to keep a cool head and give preference to strategies that have proven to be effective, then players can enjoy the game of craps with complete peace of mind.


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